plagiarist hostile take over

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"Fragments and viruses"
War of the culture latitude

2021, 30 copies

"Vision and difference"
Get out of whatever network you're in

2004, 20 copies

"Hostile takeover"
Fuck you and your underground

2004, 30 copies

"Love the skin you're in"
Rituals of Transparency

2003, 20 copies


"Revenge of the sex objects"
The Deployment of Sexuality

2003, 20 copies

This is image consumerism
courtesy of
The Sunshine Underground

a Nihilist Assault Group diversion
- an integral solution under no banner -

Did you ever win any fights?

Artists participate in the system like bacteria thrown into milk: they agitate furiously, they produce secretions in large quantities, but by some automatic mechanism, instinctively and without thought.

- Erhardt / Maver

Sampled, in no particular order, from, among others: Baudrillard, Dawkins, Focault, McLuhan, Miller, Sontag, DeQuincey, Gaillot, and the Blind Authority Manipulation Corporation. C.o.n.s.e.p.t. was originally founded by somebody else, 2003, who issued #1 and waited too long with #2.

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